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We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction.

We have 12 units onsite, including amazing pods and stunning yurts. One of the newest unit called The View has been designed to be as accessible as possible but depending on your needs you may find the other units are also suitable. 

The View is a stunning modern yurt all based on a single level. The entrance to The View is via 2 steps but we have accessibility rams at the entrance to be able to access the main decked area. Once on the main deck everything is on one single level from the decking area, the yurt and the bathroom all have no steps and can be freely accessed. 


This yurt can sleep up to four guests in one main living and sleeping area - a king size bed and 2 sofa beds can be used for your stay. 

It has a parking space 40 meters from the Yurt in a dedicated disabled space and the ground is a path of compacted gravel (please note this is an unfinished surface and although compacted it isn’t tarmac) and then ramped access onto the outside deck 

The View

  • The main train station is Rainford Junction which is 5 minutes away by car 

  • Information from our website can be provided in large print 

  • Floor plans of all tents are available on request and will be uploaded shortly 

  • Bookings can be made via e-mail, letter, telephone or online 

  • Once booked you will receive a “Welcome Guide” which is via our very own App. This can be downloaded and will go over every aspect of your stay with us.

Living Area 

  • The site has 2 main car parks both being easily accessed from the main road. We have dedicated parking spaces for each unit with also additional parking for guests. 

  • There is a path of compacted gravel (please note this is an unfinished surface and although compacted it isn’t tarmac) from the designated car parking spaces directly to the units. 

  • Check-in is after 3pm on arrival day and check-out is before 10am on departure day. 

  • On arrival guests can access the check in information via the app or can choose to be settled in personally, given a safety briefing and shown how to use our facilities/equipment demonstration. 

  • We are happy to give full tours if required 

  • The dedicated disabled parking areas have room for unloading and maneuvering and we are happy to help with unloading luggage and equipment (we are happy to wear masks, gloves and other PPE whilst assisting you if needed) 

  • The whole site from parking to paths is all single level we do not have any steps on site (except with in certain units) 

  • All units are single story 

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities 

  • The flooring surface is wooden tiles 

  • The Yurts are 5m wide 

  • There is 2 double sofas in the living area 

  • A floor rug is present but can be removed on request 

  • Furniture can be rearranged if required 

  • The yurts have mains lighting and fridges and a USB charging point 

  • We can provide an electric wheelchair/medical equipment 3-pin charging socket if needed but please let us know the likely power usage of any equipment as we need to be sure the system can support it.


  • The king size bed allows for left- or right-hand transfer to the bed. 

  • When set up as a super king there is 900mm access to the left side, 1200mm access to the right side and 900mm access at the foot of the bed. 

  • Bed height is 575mm to the top of the mattress 

  • The wet room is level access 


  • Door widths to the wet-room are 800mm wide. There is a large amount of floor space in the bathroom 

  • The toilet is 480mm high including seat and projects 650mm from the wall 

  • The shower riser is adjustable with a 2m long hose 

  • Water temperature is thermostatically controlled to 40 degrees, although this can be adjusted on request 

  • The main bathroom sink is 800mm high to the top of the basin, it is 700mm wide, shallow and has a wide rim at the back of the basin with space to roll under 

  • We have tried to ensure a good colour contrast between floors, walls, fittings and fixtures, but we struggled to get luminance values from almost all suppliers so have opted for colours that look to contrast as much as we can. We appreciate this isn’t ideal and are happy to discuss/send photos of the visual differences if that is useful, we are also happy to apply contrast tape if that would be a reasonable adaptation for guests. 


  • The kitchen/diner and lounge are open plan allowing easy access. 

  • There is Free floor space in the kitchen area of 1200mm x 1200mm. 

  • There are open shelves and a fridge in the kitchen as well as a pull along/movable kitchen organizer 

  • There is a hot plate gas burner for use in the kitchen 

Kitchen Area

  • There is a small range of equipment that can be borrowed free of charge, or we can hire additional items from our local mobility supplier. 

Additional Equipment 

  • Leading directly from each cabin there is a spacious decking area 12m x 6m with tables and chairs overlooking the beautiful countryside 

  • There is a raised fire pit just outside each unit 

  • There is a flat compacted gravel path around the site 

Outdoor Facilities 

  • There is a vending machine on site for your convenience and has snacks and drinks. 

  • Asda and Tesco deliver to site and we are happy to take in your shopping and have it ready in your yurt on arrival 

  • The nearest bricks and mortar supermarkets are a 5 min drive away, both supermarkets have level access and dedicated disabled parking spaces 

Nearest Shop 

  • Whilst we have tried to do all we can to make our site as accessible some things we struggled with, didn’t consider or have been unable to think of a solution for. They are listed here to help you decide whether we are the right place for a holiday for you. We are always happy to hear suggestions for improvements/solutions and always happy to make additional adaptations if we can. 

Potential obstacles 

  • The paths/roads on the site are all compacted gravel, they are unmade 


  • During your stay with us we can have all the main access gates open except one. The main gate to the site as you come through the drive needs to remain closed other than for access. It is electric and can be opened via a code on the access panel. We are very happy to respond to the intercom when arriving and we can come and open the gate and are happy to also open the gate at pre-arranged times but there are times. 


  • Within the yurts there are roll up window blinds that tie at the top. These are not accessible from a seated position and require both hands to roll and tie them. We are struggling to find a solution to make them accessible. We are very happy to offer a ‘roll-up/roll-down’ service where we come in at a pre-arranged time and roll them up/down for you. 


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