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We here at The Secret Garden Glamping we see glamping as respect for nature. We take great precautions to minimize the impact on the environment, society, and body. Compared with traditional serviced camping accommodation, glamping can be a truly sustainable experience with a minimal carbon footprint. 

Reducing energy costs, improving customer needs, and playing a part in protecting the planet, are all at the core of our glamping business. 

Sustainability is fully considered throughout the business, from investing in renewable energy to reusing materials, focusing on nature, reducing costs, and minimizing fossil fuels. Best site planning, reducing energy costs, and establishing good community relations are prioritised here. 

It is not only about water use and carbon emissions, but also helping customers see that small things can have a big impact.


Reducing water consumption is helpful to the planet, we use low-flow faucets and showers and toilets with ecological flushing accessories.


This saves water and helps reduce costs.

Conserve Water

We try where we can to save energy and we do this from start to finish. All of our units run low energy led lighting, we use wood burning hot tubs to stop the massive draw on power that electric one's use.


All of our wood is sustainably sourced and focus on products that are eco-friendly. We are currently installing solar thermal collectors to the roofs of all the units which will provide the hot water for the units and massively reduce our reliance on gas.

Use Clean Energy

Minimising our waste in addition to recycling waste is another key part of our business. We up cycle where we can and anything we take from the land is reused with in the units. We find innovative ways to manage the woodland and be able to source wood for projects from our own environment.

Reduce Waste Output

We do hope that our customers who visit will be able to take home the sustainable practices that we use here on site, such as using cloth bags, reducing disposable plastics, eating locally grown food, and learning about local flora and fauna during travel.

Affect our customers

Whether it's catering, wood, or supplies we only use local suppliers, all of our preferred suppliers are within 15 miles of the site. We do believe in our local area and without welcome guide you can see lots of local attractions and restaurants right on our door step.


Working in partnership with these amazing local business like "The Little Green Platter Company" truly bring an extra level to our site.

Working with local suppliers

The thing that sets us apart from other sites is the amazing environment in which our site is situated. We are based in an amazing 2.5-acre woodland, when the site was first acquired the woodland was in need of some major managing.


Woodlands can be thriving homes for a variety or plants and animals, here at The Secret Garden Glamping we aim to restore this amazing woodland and enhance what we have around.


We have a 3-year woodland management plan in place and have taken on a dedicated member of staff to be our full-time grounds keeper. 

Managing our woodland

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