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5 Important Dates for your Diary!

We're starting 2024 off the right way, with a good old Secret Garden Bang!!

We recently announced that we'll be shown on this years Dragons Den (tune in on Thursday 11th January to find out what happens!).

Well....that's not the only thing we have to announce! 🤩 aren’t you all lucky!!!

Make sure to get these in your diary, you don’t want to miss it 🥳

1. Thursday 11th January @ 8pm - Dragons Den

2. Friday 19th January @ 7pm - The Wonderland opening & photos release

3. Friday 26th January @ 7pm - ONE NIGHT STAYS FOR APRIL - JUNE

4. Friday 2nd February @ 7pm - The Luxe release dates

5. 2026 dates are now online!!! Get them in 🤩

We told you there was lots more coming soon, and guess what…this isn’t even the end of it 🙈😆

More info on each event coming soon 🥰

Happy Glamping ✨✨✨


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